Thursday, August 6, 2009


In Luke 19:10, Jesus came to seek and to save what was lost! I submit He did. ALL humans were lost in the first Adam's sin. Death passed on to all humanity through Adam. ( I Cor.15:22 ). Was Jesus somehow selective in His saving mission? OR, was Jesus the payment or propitiation for the sins not only of Christians, but of the WHOLE world? Everyone? (See: I John 2:2; John 3:16-17; John 19:30).

So, we might ask, "If someone is not saved now, when does he/she become or get saved?" Would one in this position be "potentially" saved in Jesus depending on what decisions THEY make? Do they negate Jesus' salvation for them by their lack of acceptance of Christ and their unbelief? Do we humans determine how Jesus' salvation for us works? And, if this is the case, would this not be an example of the "tail wagging the dog"?

I think scripture is abundantly clear that ALL are and have been saved in Jesus Christ and not only saved but ADOPTED and INCLUDED in the Triune God's life forever.(Ephesians 1:3-14). This all having been done for and to man before man was ever born. Therefore, the salvation of all humanity is in place and is a fact for all. Man can not make it happen or make it UN-happen. Man can not make it not so for it IS so for all.

Man can hiss, spit, spew, cuss, argue, resist, deny, reject, not accept and not believe it is so for himself, but it will not go away. It is here to stay. It is the Great Triune God's declaration that He loves man and desires to live forever with man in His life.

Man does not determine the spiritual dynamics of how the Triune God exercises His loving divine Grace. However, man in his distinction and free choice does determine IF he will believe WHO he is in Jesus. Man can choose 'abundant life' in Jesus or 'continued suffering and misery' in his non belief. One we call "Heaven", the other we call "Hell".

The only thing for man to do when presented with this Truth of all Truths is to
decide whether or not to believe it subjectively.

"Lord, I believe, help my unbelief."

Pastor Paul Kurts

Madison, ALabama



Martin M. Davis said...

Right on, bro. Barth says that salvation is not a mere potentiality that we actualize thorough belief, virtue or good works. Rather, salvation is an objective reality already accomplished for us by God in Christ. This does not rule out the importance of repentance, faith and opbedience, however. As James Torrance says, while these are not conditions for salvation, they are the appropriate responses to the salvation that is already ours in Christ.

Bford said...

Hmmm. As regards the first comment: repentance is belief that salvation is a done deal by God's work, not ours; faith is a gift of God - we share Christ’s; and obedience is made possible by the Holy Spirit. We have no part in any piece of it, apart from Christ. So, our so-called response is also the work of Christ, and not our work. Yes?

Gratefully Disillusioned,
Bill Ford

Pastor Paul said...

Yes, and No, it is a done deal in Christ. He is our response and belief and repentance and everything needed. But, we must accept what He has done To, For,In, and Through us to accomplish His purpose which is eternally perfect.

I appreciate the comments.

Love you guys.


John Geerlings said...

Thanks Paul
Well said! In order to “be saved” (subjective) we already have “been saved” (objective). A universal objective truth and a unique individual subjective response! Religion tries to reach God, while Father, Son and Holy Spirit have reached us through creation and redemption having implanted the mystery of faith in us so that we may change our mind. It is a matter of responding to a convincing or convicting Sprit in all of us who dances in the reality that already is! The hope of glory is in all of us! Believe it! John

Bob Harkema said...

Very good comments by all. I have explained it this way (but still labeled heretical on occasion). While we are all saved, adopted, reconciled, etc. we still need to believe (trust) in order to live in the power of what He has done for us, to us and in us. Repentance to me is simply changing my mind about how much our Father, Son and Spirit love us, not doing something to get them to love us more.

Pastor Paul said...

I appreciate all the comments so far! One thing I would add to this is that while we live,move, exist, and have our being--all of humanity--in Jesus, in order to experience it now and in the future one must accept it and believe it subjectively even though it is true objectively for them.

Repentance is coming to see , as stated above, WHO we are IN Jesus and the Triune God, all made possible by what Jesus did to us, for us, in us and through us. The Greek word for this change of mind is "Metanoia". Just changing how we look at all of God's love for us and His work in us through Jesus.

Great comments, Thanks again.


Madison, AL.


Timothy said...

Good Gravy Dad Paul! This is one of the clearest, concise and electrifying articles I have ever read from you on the Gospel! Wowsa! Inspiring! Keep up the Good and Participative work in Jesus, in His Grace!

son Timothy

Pastor Paul said...

Thanks Timothy,

You are truly a wonderful son in the Lord. Would all people knew what I said in this blog.

I love you, Hi to the precious family.

Daddy Kurts
Paul Kurts
Madison, AL