Thursday, April 23, 2009


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BOOKEND THEOLOGY!!! The Plan of God is not really all that difficult to understand if we view it from the perspective of bookends on a shelf. Large marble or quartz or statue bookends on either side of a row of books. The bookends hold everything in between them on the shelf. God's plan is much like this. Let's see.

First bookend. In Gen.1:26-27, The Great Triune God said, "Let's make man in our image." Let's make man in our existence. Let's make man in ourselves. Let's live with man forever. Paul further states in Ephesians 1:3-14, that humans were adopted in Christ before the world was ever created. Man was to be perfect in Jesus originally. We have the declaration of perfection for humanity originally.

Now let's look at the bookend at the other end of the book shelf. This bookend says " it is done". "All things are reconciled in Christ." Col.1:19-20. All things are reconciled in Christ. All things are redeemed in Christ. All things are saved in Christ. Can you see the two book ends here? The first and the last of God's plan. Sort of the Alpha and the Omega of everything.

Now we have two bookends of man's history for the age of man. From the first Adam all the way to the last human who will ever live on this earth. All reconciled, redeemed, adopted, included in the life of God, all saved. No exceptions. All done in between the two bookends.

Everything that happens in the age of man, between the two bookends, if you will, happens in the fallenness of Adam. All the sin, hurt, misery, suffering, angst, unassurance, and death happens between the two bookends. The good news is that what happens between the two bookends has NO bearing on the original plan and purpose of God and Jesus' MAKING IT HAPPEN for God.

God is just simply bigger than all the fallen history of man and He has dealt with all the sin and problems of the age of man in Jesus. Jesus simply has saved the COSMOS. Man and you included. NOTHING that happens between the two bookends has any bearing on what God has done in Jesus. What Jesus came to do , He did. He sought and saved the lost--the creation, man, and everything else. He finished His work.

Nothing in the age of man between the two bookends has any lasting or eternal impact on what God purposed to do and DID in Jesus. Can you see that. Our God is THAT BIG.

Jesus is the two bookends. He is the Alpha and the Omega. The first and the last. Everything happens in and on His watch. He knows, He is in charge ultimately and He has made it all good in Himself for everyone. The question for all is, "Will you believe it ?"

Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.

Paul Kurts

Sunday, April 5, 2009


The HEART of The Father is the SAME as the HEART of Jesus!!!

Let's make all this God stuff real simple. God is Love and He loves you! He loves you so much, in fact, that He came to this earth incarnate to take you into His life and live with you forever. In His eyes, objectively speaking, it was all a done deal before the foundation of the world. ( Can God really do that???).

Let's understand. God IS Love. He doesn't have some love to share or give, He IS Love. He isn't Love sometimes and something else at other times. HE IS LOVE. The Cross demonstrates that He even loves YOU more than He loves Himself!! He shares that love now with humanity. Love originates with God. He is so Good that He allows us to share in His love and thereby lavish love on our children, friends, mates, and even pets!

The Father's Love is NO different than that of Jesus Christ. The heart of one is the same as the heart of the other including the Holy Spirit. The Father is not angry with humans!!! Jesus did NOT come to take the anger of the Father in our stead. (Augustine and Johnathan Edwards would not like that last statement.) The Father is NOT angry with us. He Loves His Children. It is impossible for The Father do do any thing other than love His Children. Let me say it this way.

My right hand is my right hand. I also have a left hand. But, it is IMPOSSIBLE for my right hand to be my left hand! It is totally my right hand. So it is with God. God is love 24/7 and 365 to put it in linear terms. He is 100% Love. He is incapable of demonstrating anything other than love to us or for us.

While there is much suffering in the world that Jesus promised us all, The Great Triune God has taken care of all of our lives and blessed us in Jesus with all heavenly blessings He has to bless us with. Our future is absolutely secure in His life, in His existence, in His being, FOREVER.

As we allow more and more of the Holy Spirit to illuminate our understanding of Who we are in Jesus and the life He gives, the more the plan of God becomes clearer for all humans who ever lived and will live in God's creation.

In God's Love, Power and future it is all a DONE DEAL. God Loves YOU. And, there is not anything you can do about it.

Paul Kurts

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