Monday, July 27, 2009


Hebrews 9:27 is a very misunderstood verse in scripture. Most read it as saying that when man dies he will go to the court hearing in Heaven and be judged and sentenced as if this were some kind of legal system of divine justice. But the verse says after death that the JUDGEMENT will occur for many, if not most. Note, not JUDGING. So what does this word judgement mean?

Judgement here is translated from the Greek word, 'krisis', which means 'opportunity for decision'or, decision time, among other meanings. Most who have ever lived will find out at this opportune time just WHO they are in Jesus. And, that Jesus had saved them through his life, death, resurrection and ascension. They will find out then that they were chosen by the Triune God to be Adopted and included in the life of God IN Jesus from the foundation of the world and before. ( Ephesians 1:3-14). They will find out that God always wanted them, liked them and loved them and wanted to live forever with them.

As they face this 'Krisis' , they will realise that they have one of two choices to make. 1. They can refuse to believe what Jesus did to and for them and continue on in a state of 'perishing' and suffering through unbelief, OR, 2. They can accept and believe what Jesus did for them and to them and live with and in Triune God with pleasures forever more at His right hand.( Ps.16:11). The first choice, we call 'hell'. And, the second choice is choosing to live in the Abundant Life Jesus brought. We call this Heaven. God wants everyone to choose LIFE and REPENTANCE or this change of mind. ( II Peter 3:9). That is WHY He made us in the first place.

God's eternal purpose all along has been for mankind to live and be with and in Him forever. He wants all people to come to see this truth and see Jesus as to how Jesus made it happen for everyone. This repentance ( Gr. Metanoia) is a change of mind and how we view ourselves IN Jesus and acceptance and belief of this truth.

There is MUCH more we could say here. If you want to know more on this truth of your adoption and inclusion in the life of God just go to: and request the free booklet, "An Introduction to Trinitarian Theology" or, just download it free off of the literature page.( )


Paul Kurts


Thursday, July 16, 2009


. There is a MOST profound statement made in Revelation 13:8, and that statement is that Jesus was slain from before the foundation of the world. Before the creation of the world, this earth, Adam, you and me. But why would God consider Jesus slain before the foundation of the world or the creation of the physical earth and humanity? Well...
We must consider what the Triune God's purpose was to create man in the first place. God simply wanted to live with humanity in His life forever forward. When Jesus was considered slain from before the foundation or creation of the world, this simply meant that the sacrifice for sin, evil, and all of humanity's short comings which would unfold in the history of man would be taken care of , forgiven, cleansed, and removed in Jesus Christ. Jesus' sacrifice in 31/33 AD, or so, reached back to all beginnings , including Adams, and Adams sins, and ours, and in the shed blood of Christ removed, cleansed, healed and forgave all sins man ever would commit.

What happened in Adam and his and Eve's sins passed on to all of their descendants. We have all occurred the death penalty in our father Adam. ( I Cor.15:22). But in Jesus by being slain EVEN BEFORE ADAM SINNED, Adam and all of his children /descendants are and have been made ALIVE (Eternally) in Jesus.(I Cor.15:22) Jesus just simply TRUMPS all and everything Adam did. Adam--bad. Jesus--Good.

The Triune God's plan is to have all humans live in His life forever. Jesus simply makes it happen for everyone. YOU included.

May the Pagan Philosophy of the Greeks, and especially that of Plato, Platinus, and others from the 400 BC be damned. God's love is bigger than "burning someone in a fire forever" because they won't believe in him. He believes in us. And that is what counts. Jesus makes up for all of our sins and shortcomings. He forgives. Yes, you and me.

That forgiveness reaches all the way back to the foundation of the world. You have always been the child God always loved and wanted to live forever WITH. ( Ephesians 1:3-14)

How good is that?

Paul Kurts




Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hard as it is to believe there are people in the world, known as 'Cave dwellers' who live in the depths and darkness of caves, some who never see the light of in total darkness. Some, if not most, don't even realize that there is a real world of light and beauty outside of the cave that is their life. And, oddly enough, they would not even believe that that world exists outside of the cave. They live in total DARKNESS.

Religious darkness is just as abysmal. Those living in the false understandings of bad theology suffer from not knowing the freeing truth of Jesus Christ and His love for them and all others. They feel, often, separated from God, cut off, not loved, not liked, unsaved, lost, ever seeking to 'find' God in order to accept Him into their life and connect with Him. They are ever seeking to find a way to appease and or please God enough to make Him love and like them so that they can somehow get into His good graces and attain eternal life and miss the eternal torments of hell fire. " And this is the GOOD NEWS??????" I don't think so.

Jesus is the light of the world. All of it. John 8:12. He brings light to those living in the darkened caves of their religious minds. He is the light that shines in the darkness of bad religion. Bad theology. Bad church. He is the way the truth and the life. John 14:6.

Jesus says that God is love. That the great Triune God loves all of us and wants to live with all of us forever. That He has forgiven us all of our sins. That He has adopted us all into His life in Jesus. Eph.1:3-14. That He has included us into His very life. John 14:20. That He has always loved and wanted us individually and personally as His sons and daughters in His life forever. AND, has made it happen in Jesus. How good is that???????

Cave dwelling religionists can't see this life and light. It makes no sense to them. They are forever trying to get to a place that has no road to take them there. There is only one road. One way. One street. One highway. One door. Jesus.

Let's cut to the chase. God says I love you. I have made arrangements to have you live with Me forever. It is a done deal. Now deal with it.

Can you believe God loves you this much? Can you believe God is this big?

May God allow all of us to come out of the caves we are bound up in and see the light.



Wednesday, July 1, 2009


But he did not go to church!!! Those words described by grandfather who died when I was only four years old. My grandmother was a dear Christian woman who was in attendance every time the Methodist church doors were open. Papa, my grandfather, owned a country wholesale grocery store in a small town in Mississippi. Before the depression of '29 and the stock market crash he would regularly give groceries to needy families on "credit" never asking or receiving payment for the goods. I remember in the evenings when he came home from the store we would ride on the running boards of his old Olds up the steep drive to the carport, then we would go in and play with what seemed to be to be thousands of silver dollars as we built 'castles' on the living room floor and he would roll around with us and play. Then often when it was dark we would go out back and shoot fire crackers under tin cans and blow them up sky high and laugh and have such a wonderful time with my non church going Papa. He smoked good cigars, drank good liqueur and was known to be the best husband and grandfather anyone could ask for. He was a delightful man, humble, faithful, and fun. He and my grandmother raised a wonderful daughter--my mom. As I look back on his life, he died when I was only four years old, I see the light of Jesus and the love of Jesus written all over the life of that man. I know now that he was adopted from before the foundation of the world in Jesus ( Eph.1:3-14) and included into the life of the great Triune God, as we all are, and that is the reason for the joy, love, patience, and goodness he exemplified in his short life of 54 years. I so much look forward to reconnecting with him one day in the heavenly realm. I know no church could have done for him what Jesus did. I thank God for the truth that is in Jesus and that he is not lost or being tortured some place, but he is with his loving Father in Heaven now and for eternity. Praise God. Hang on Papa, I will see you soon. I love you.

Paul Kurts