Sunday, March 22, 2009


. In Luke 17:20-21, Jesus makes a remarkable statement. He says, "The Kingdom of God is WITHIN you." Earlier He had said in John 14:20, "...He was in the Father, you are in me and He is in us." The relationship that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit had had for all eternity includes man now.!!! It is a matter of man realizing it. This is WHY Jesus came to the earth in the first place. He came to create this union between and with the Triune God and mankind--humanity.

With this in mind, Jesus did NOT say that the Kingdom of God was 'Available' to humans. He did not say that the Kingdom was a possibility. Quoting Mk. 1:14-15, Jesus said the Kingdom of God is "at hand", Repent and BELIEVE the Gospel. Repent, "Metanoia", in the Greek, meaning change your mind as to Who you are inside of the life of Jesus. The Kingdom is now and here. You can experience it. The FULLNESS OF THE KINGDOM COMES WHEN JESUS RETURNS. Then He says, "Believe the Gospel." It is all about changing our mind and believing!!

The Kingdom of God has always been prepared for humans since before the foundation of the world. Originally. ( Mt.25:31-34). The Great Triune God has always wanted mankind with Him and Inside of His "Perichoretic" life. He wants to share His divine nature eternally with all of us. See(II Peter 1:4). And make no mistake, Jesus made it happen for everyone.

Now a few really difficult theological concepts to wrap our minds around. "Beginners, you may now leave the room."

When God proclaims that He is IN us through Jesus and by the Spirit, He is not just saying He is near. He is not saying that He is in us to just ensure our resurrection. He is not saying that He is in us IF we want Him there and to do our bidding like some "voodoo amulet". No. The Triune God offers and proclaims nothing less than our complete "enmeshing" inside of His life. God offers the same " Perichoretic" dance He shares mutually as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit with all humanity. We are IN THE DANCE. We are inside of the life of God. We are inside of His Divine Nature through Jesus. Can you see that? Is it too good to be true? Have you EVER heard that before? You should have. God is a Dad and He wants us IN and INSIDE and WITH and dancing with Him FOREVER. The really Good News is that He has some really "cool" stuff to share with us in PLEASURE forevermore inside of His life. ( Ps.16:11). Thank you Jesus.

We say God is Good. Brothers and Sisters, we can not even begin to imagine what it will be like to live inside of the life of God forever. but, It will be GOOD.

Paul Kurts

New Life Christian Fellowship
Madison, Al

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Saturday, March 14, 2009




In Luke chapter 7, Jesus illustrates a remarkable example of forgiveness for a woman of the 21st Century, for there are many girls of the world who are participants in the worldly activity of SEX AND PORN. For these women today, and even "young" girls, where is Jesus in their life as most of them don't even know Jesus is in their life?

Our first response may be to say that Jesus is nowhere near their life due to their life's practice and involvement in pornography. Shameful. Sinful. Ungodly. Evil. But, at second glance we must admit that all people live and move and have their being in Jesus. ( Acts 17:28). When Paul spoke those words in Athens in Acts 17, he was talking to many pagan philosophers and Athenians who were involved in all kinds of perverse sexual practices including fornication, adultery, pedophilia, and the sex preference of the day--homosexuality. And, " they lived, moved, and had their being in Jesus.

In the fallen state of humanity from father Adam all humans are dead in sin. But, in Jesus Christ all have been made alive. ( I Cor. 15:22). All are the children of our Father in heaven. God's love does not pick and choose who to love. He loves all.
Jesus came to connect man to God in relationship forever. He also came and saved what was lost.

Jesus lives in and gives life to ALL people, prostitutes and porno queens in the
21st Century as well.(John 14:20). Do they know it? Most do not. But they will. In Jesus' time when He decides to reveal Himself to them. When He does a marvelous transformation will take place. They will see WHO they really are in the life of Jesus and begin to live out WHO they are IN Jesus. They will know they are loved by the Father and wanted by the Father to share in His divine nature forever.

Until then, these queens of the night will just have to continue living out their life not knowing that Jesus lives in them too just like He does everyone else who ever lived or will live.

"I told you that you probably would not like this." Sorry!


Pastor Paul Kurts
Madison, ALabama

Sunday, March 1, 2009



Letter from God to His children written under inspiration.

Dear children,

I wanted to write this letter to all of you from Adam on to the very last one of you who will be born in the age of man. As a Father I want all of you to know how much I love each and everyone of you the same as I do my only begotten son, Jesus. I have created all of you to be with me for the rest of eternity and I am going to make it a fantastic pleasure filled existence for all of you. You will just have to wait to see how much more wonderful it will be compared to your earthly existence.

I had things all planned out and sin entered the world and all of you died in the death of Adam because of it. BUT, the Good News is that everything has been made right in my son, Jesus. He bought and paid for everyone of you by His blood.

He has created the 'bridge' or the communion between my heavenly, eternal existence and your humanity and we will be together forever. I promise. It is going to be really good, you will see. I am bringing you into GLORY with me!

I have made all the arrangements to share my Divine nature with all of you and I have assigned Jesus to 'Make it So".

You will have much trial, tribulation, suffering, misery, and death in your descent from Adam but I have more good news for you, I am giving you LIFE , real LIFE, Abundant life and ETERNAL LIFE in Jesus. In fact, I sent the Holy Spirit to dwell fully in all of you on Pentecost mentioned in Acts 2.

I have left no stone unturned. I want this and I AM GOING TO DO IT. Nothing or no one can stop my love and plan for all of you.

So take heart. Live your human existence to the full. Live. Love, Laugh, enjoy being who I made you to be. But remember, your real eternal identity is IN Jesus and I look forward to experiencing an everlasting relationship with each and everyone of you.

I want you and I love you. If there is any thing I have mentioned here you don't understand, just ask me. I am available 24/7. One thing I do ask of you, and that is please BELIEVE ME.