Saturday, April 24, 2010


I feel like creating an earthquake today with this blog. So here goes. WE can talk God's love and Grace all we want to but until we are confronted with some really, and I mean serious propositions concerning that love and grace our doubts are elevated to controversial proportions.

Do we,you, all of believe that the blood of Jesus Christ covers ALL sin? Do we believe that in Jesus ALL of humanity, that includes you and your worst enemy and worst sinner, were adopted and included in the life of God from before the world began?

Do you grade sins as certain ones as easily forgivable, others and a little hareder to forgive, and yet others really hard to forgive and still others as basically UNFORGIVEABLE?

Do you really want to play God? Have you been creating God in your own image, or have you created God in your own image complete with judgemantalism, respect of persons, and a brand of your own righteousness?

Hypothetical situation for you to evaluate. Two sisters. One is a prostitute and loves her "work". The other is a Protestant Preacher who loves her work as well. Which of the two stands "more" accepted in the sight of God? Which one is more saved than the other? Which one pleases God the most? Why would either one need to please God in the first place? Which one is "more" righteous in God's eyes?

Of course we could use numerous examples of sinners and situations, but this one will suffice.

Do we belive that ALL sins were forgiven in Christ at the Cross? ( answers the above illustration right here). And, were not all humans declared "righteous in His sight from before the foundation of the world in Jesus?" (Eph. 1:3-14). Do we believe that in Jesus Christ ALL humans are declared RIGHTEOUS and are part of the Bride of Christ by His declaration? (Romans 3:21).

I think your get the point. All humans. Murders, rapists, child abusers, adulterers, lusters, gamblers, wife beaters, ANY and ALL sinners stand clean in the eyes of Jesus because He has made them so from the foundation of the world when He was slain. ( Rev. 13:8). Do you like this? Maybe not. But it is the love and Grace of God in action. This IS the Gospel. The Good News for everyone. We just need to share this Good News with others so that they will KNOW they belong to the Father and begin to live like it.

The two ladies I mentioned above both stand EQUAL before the Triune God. Both are loved, saved, redeemed, reconciled, justifed, and are seated at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. ( Eph. 2:6). Do they know it? Maybe not. They need to and that is sharing the Gospel with the both of them. Both are loved uncondidionally By the Father in Heaven and Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Deal with it.


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Robin said...

Very good post. Yes indeed. It is something that we must DEAL with. Every single one of us is offered the seat with God, some perhaps don't know it, others won't accept it or don't want it. But we are all offered it.
But how then do we deal with passages like Matt 7:21 or 1 Cor 6:9?