Thursday, December 4, 2008


Minds can be so made up over a subject that it is almost impossible to get through to them with anything that changes one's perspective. Take the concept of Hell. "I believe in an ever burning torturing fire to punish wickedly bad people who may not ever have heard the name Jesus Christ FOREVER. Damnit!" My grandmother and my mother taught me this which they learned in Sunday school at their local protestant church and I am not going to change their professional theology when it comes to Hell.

I read Lazarus and the Rich man and about worms that die not and Lakes of fire and brimstone and I KNOW WHEREOF I SPEAK. Don't confuse me with the facts of history, language, or the pagan concepts of Plato and other pagan philosophers who INVENTED the concept of a torturing firey Hell, because I am not listening. Damnit!

"I know all I need to know about Heaven and Hell and that is that."

Have you ever talked to someone in this closed frame of mind? Some just will not let go of the Hell they love so much. Rather than go into the details of Hell and where our Western Theological approach to it came from I will just refer you to a couple of Theological explanations I will send to you if you ask. ( I don't want your money or anything else!)

Ask for "Lazarus and the Rich Man" paper. Amazing. It has NOTHING to do with "fire".

Ask for the "Package" on Hell.

These will open your eyes as nothing else would.

God is Love and He loves you. You are the child of His He always wanted!!! He took care of you in the Life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. Believe it.

Ask for the articles I mentioned above at:


Pastor Paul


Martin M. Davis said...

Just think how many "Christians" are going to be livid and red-faced with rage when they discover that God really loves all those sinners out there (like me)and has provided a place, even for us, at the banquet table.

One other thing. We've got to stop thinking of heaven and hell in terms of real estate and starting thinking in terms of relationship (or lack thereof).

Daniel said...

Do you think the use of profanity gets your point across? Does it make you feel like an adult? Church members that I've discussed this with are turned off by it. In fact several have likened it to Rev. Wright. Do you really want to be associated with him or those like him? If you are using a word in its proper context then fine but clearly you are not doing that here, unless your condemning the word it. Or maybe you're ralleying for Hades. This clearly is immature behavior, even my 17 and 18 year olds will testify to that. Or as my mom said "shame on you"
It's a shame that people blow their whole point from the start. No matter how good the message if people are turned off by the language then you've lost them before you even got started.

Pastor Paul said...

Daniel, Your point is well taken. However, what I was saying in the blog is a 'Quote' of what some people say when it comes to their closed mindedness concerning hell.

Those people are so stuck in the mud of hell that they can not see God's love for all of mankind and His joy fulled future for all.

Let's not confuse quotes with intentions.

God bless you,